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To order flowers and gifts, you can:

- (if they are just what you need) add the product to cart and check out directly. Simply leave the instructions (if any) in the message box to us. We will contact you if we have questions on your order. 

- (all custom orders) contact us directly at / call +852 3956 5130 or whatsapp +852 9583 3558.

For corporate projects, please contact us directly at / call +852  3956 5130 / whatsapp +852 9583 3558.

See more our previous works and updates from our Facebook page: lilysarahflowers



Shop S076, G/F, Building 12W, 12 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, Shatin, N.T. (Phase 3, near Club One and FoodLab. Parking at P3), Hong Kong SAR


Phone: +852 3956 5130 / +852 9583 3558



Instagram: lilysarahflowers

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